About A Simple Planet

Our Story

April Smith decided to share the clean hair products that she began making herself in 2005 when she could not find organic, low allergen hair care products for her curly hair. Raised in a “let’s take care of this earth” family and with encouragement from her husband, who thought “there has got to be others out there with your same hair needs and life values,” she started Simply Curls Co in 2017 to bring safer products to those with curly hair all hile focusing on owning a business that supports a sustainable planet.

One of the most frequent questions April received was “I love that Simply Curl’s Co strives for zero waste and uses organic ingredients, but what products do you have for my straight / wavy / frizzy / permed / thin / thick, you name it, hair?”

As a result, A Simple Planet was launched to incorporate that “let’s take care of this earth” attitude with the need to formulate products for all hair types. Keeping the simple ingredient strategy, we offer products for all hair types that:

  1. Reduce potential allergens and irritation
  2. Reduce wasted energy on ingredients that the earth must produce but are not essential to the effectiveness of a hair care product

Here are a few of the earth-friendly things you can expect from A Simple Planet.

  • Reused shipping materials – You will not find branded boxes or filler, just boxes made from 100% post-consumer products and filler that is on its second + use.
  • Compost everything from spent flaxseed to paper towels
  • If an ingredient is available grown organically you will find it in our products, our second choice is wildcrafted ingredients.

Our people-friendly priorities include:

  • Using ingredients that rank low on the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep Cosmetics Database
  • Providing excellent customer service. We not only put our customer’s health and safety first, but we strive to provide first-class customer service so that you are absolutely thrilled with your purchase or a hassle-free return.

We hope that enjoy A Simple Plant products as much as we enjoy doing our part to support clean living and maintain a sustainable planet.