Our Simple Planet natural shampoo range offers a variety of sulfate-free options to cater to different hair care needs. The Daily and Clean Shampoos provide gentle yet effective cleansing for everyday use, while the Clarifying Shampoo enhances hair health by thoroughly removing product buildup. Choose the best gentle, non-toxic shampoo that suits your unique hair goals for exceptional hair care.

Our Daily Shampoo is a gentle formula that effectively cleanses all hair types while nourishing strands with organic soapnut powder, amla fruit powder, and jojoba oil. This light lathering shampoo strikes the perfect balance between providing thorough cleansing and promoting deep hydration. It is an excellent everyday choice no matter your hair type. If you really like a good lather give our Clean Shampoo a try instead.

For those seeking a gentle, non-toxic formula, often referred to as chemical free, our Clean Shampoo uses a probiotic blend of ethically wildcrafted plants like soapnut, makrut lime and elephant apple to naturally cleanse hair without harsh chemicals. Clean Shampoo is suitable for all hair types, including colored and heat styled hair.

We crafted Clarifying Shampoo to deeply cleanse, effectively removing stubborn product buildup and hard water deposits that regular shampoos leave behind. It is ideal for oil-prone hair with residue buildup, giving your hair a fresh, clean feel. This Shampoo may not lather with a first application which indicates you needed to clarify! Give your hair a second wash. However, limit over use on dry or damaged hair as it may be overly drying for this hair type.

With A Simple Planet’s range of shampoos, you can find the perfect match for your needs. Ultimately, choosing the right shampoo ensures your hair gets the care it deserves!