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Absolutely! Include a comment with your order that you would like plastic free shipping

Many of A Simple Planet products are runnier then many expect, though they are just as effective as their thicker commercial counterparts. A Simple Planet purposefully limits the ingredients that are in our products. This includes not using filler ingredients whose only job it is to change the consistency of a product. It also means that the consistency of each batch can change. For example, Flaxseed Hair Gel does not include extra ingredients to make it thicker, it is naturally a watery hair gel. Not only that but the season and location where the seeds are harvested can also change how much mucilage the seeds will give during production. Fortunatly, the consistency does not impact its effectiveness.

Why do we do this? Some of the reasons include:: to limit the potential allergens in the ingredients, to exclude ingredients which have a high rating by the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic Guide, and to limit the resources that it takes to create a final product.

Click on this link to explore our product formulation philosophy more in depth.

A Simple Planet product are only available online at and through independent zero waste companies and affiliates.

We do! On most sizes and for most reasons, though we do not provide return shipping.  Please read our return and cancellation policy here.

All orders over $100 ship for free within the United States!

We do! However, return postage for refill pouches are not available outside the United states. If you are outside the United States and would like to ship back refill pouches on your own, they will gladly be accepted.

We can typically get an order made and ready for shipment within 1-3 business days. Under normal circumstances shipping through USPS priority mail takes an average of 1- 3 business days to go from California (where we ship) to the east coast and 1-7 days First Class. Current shipping times have been taking as long a 1-21 business days to ship due to the current state of the USPS.

We wish we could say 100% absolutely. But the reality is allergies can be mild or severe and everyone is different. Our pouches are washed in large groups of mixed products and scents. The wax writing is wiped off using sweet orange essential oil, and then they are refilled with potentially a different product and scent. If you have allergies to any ingredient in A Simple Planet products, perhaps a refill pouch is not for you.

We are not a certified free “fill in the blank” facility, though we do follow protocol to avoid cross contamination. For those with true allergies we recommend sticking with the aluminum bottles.

Our pouches are washed together in a large group using cold water, biodegradable soap and 3% hydrogen peroxide, then hung in a warm air dryer until dry.

Yep! Gift cards are available here and gift wrapping can be added during check out.  Gifts will be wrapped in a 100% recycled kraft brown box and 100% recycled tissue.

We strive to keep a very simple ingredient list in all of our products.  It takes resources to produce ingredients and in an effort, to be planet friendly our goal is to not waste resources with ingredients that are not essential.  After we have narrowed down only the essential functions in a product we then search for organic or wild crafted ingredients with low ratings (1-2) by the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep Cosmetics database.

See our blog article with more details on the preservatives we use >

A Simple Planet products are made in small batches and are best used right away. Though all products are shelf-stable for 6 months after purchase with the exception of Clean Shampoo and Clean Conditioner, they are shelf-stable for 12 months after purchase. Once opened all products should be used within 12 months.

We use certified organic and/or wildcrafted ingredients in all of our products, however, A Simple Planet products are not “certified organic”. For example, we use USDA certified organic flaxseeds to make A Simple Planets uncertified Refresh Curl Refreshing spray.

Yes, We only use plant-based ingredients in all our products.

All of A Simple Planet products are very gentle at their particular jobs. They work perfectly with color treated hair.

The only “hidden” ingredient in A Simple Planet product is in our preservative, gluconolactone sodium benzoate, it is a corn derivative.

All of A Simple Planet products work fantastic with naturally white/silver/gray hair. However, we do recommend steering clear of our Sweet Orange scent, it is naturally bright orange. While probably fine with short term use, long term use with this orange color may not be great.

While we do not use any gluten containing ingredients in our products, our facility is not a certified gluten-free facility.

Absolutely not. We never test on animals and never will.

We reuse shipping materials that we get from vendors and neighbors. This may include reused plastic filling material.

Questions about lost or missing orders must be discussed with the USPS. We are not affiliated with the USPS and questions regarding their shipping policies, lost packages and procedures must be directed to them.

That being said, if you have contacted the USPS, filed a missing package form, and received a response. Please forward to us the response in order to proceed.

If they refund your purchase price, then you will need to repurchase your products to have them reshipped. If 30 days have passed since your item was shipped and USPS says they will not refund your order or they have not updated your tracking showing its now on its way, we will reship your order.

Great Question! As of December 2022 we are carbon neutral! You can read more about our partnership with We are Neutral in our blog post here:

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