Did you notice that Frizz Free and  Refresh Curl Revitalizer have the same ingredients? It’s True! We combine these lovely ingredients in very different concentrations to give you obsession-worthy results!

Hair Smoothening spray for frizzy hair
With its stronger concentration, Frizz Free is a smoothing spray that puts every wispy strand in its place by controlling frizz! We all have that one little spot that needs a bit more moisture and hold. Apply Frizz Free to those areas at the end of your wash day routine.  
psst: It also works fantastic as a blow out spray if that’s your jam!
Curl Revitalizer

Whether you’ve just slept on your curls or put them up in a pony, Refresh Curl Revitalizer brings back your amazing curls.  You can extend the number of days between washes with this magical little bottle By applying to dry hair Refresh Curl Revitalizer will revive shapeless curls back to their washday glory, all while adding moisture and shine!