We’ve all seen the jar of trash someone is bragging about that contains an entire year of trash. While totally admirable, the reality is most of us are making decisions for a lot of other humans or even pets. If millions of people find small moments to incorporate zero waste ideas into their lives it will have such a huge impact on our planet!

Here are a few ideas to try:

Use Refillable Products (Obviously our #1 hack) it’s easy and often less expensive when you buy in bulk and refill your own containers. Check out more about A Simple Planets refill program


  • We are a giant fan of your local Buy Nothing Project. Gift things you’re done using and receive gifts from your neighbors of things they are done with. A Simple Planet outfitted its entire office with Buy Nothing items! Desks, microwave, mini fridge, monitors, shelving, etc! Thank you neighbors!


  • Wash zip locks and reuse them. A little biodegradable soap and water, roll the bag between your hands, rinse and flip inside out into the drain! Its easy.


  • Say No! We really don’t need a sample in a plastic cup, do we? What about a grocery bag for a few items, or a straw at a sit down restaurant?


  • Say yes to that lonely banana or squished pasta box. Food waste is a giant problem in the United States just because its not picture perfect doesn’t mean its not yummy.

Do you have a zero waste hack that you can’t live without? We’d love to hear about it! Add a comment below to share it.