From Linear to Circular Economy- Why you should switch to refillable products for your hair & eliminate single-use containers

In a world troubled by climate change, plastic pollution, water contamination, deforestation, and other environmental issues, it’s becoming increasingly important for us all to live a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

Trash problem in the US

Many of these issues stem from how much waste we are creating. Incredibly, the average American creates 1,704 pounds of solid waste every year! This is why implementing more circular economy and zero waste solutions into our lives can have a massive impact.

From linear to a circular economy

In the past, our ancestors rarely bought a piece of clothing to wear a couple of times and throw away or used single-use items for the sake of convenience. Every resource was treasured and used to its full capacity. Items were designed to last and be reused for as long as possible. This reuse of items is known as a circular economy

Today, we now create more trash than ever before because the products we use are designed to be replaced. Often, the motivation behind that is profit – single-use packaging, low-quality clothing or electronics with a 2-year lifespan have simply become more profitable for companies.  The company is incentivized to have you throw away and replace products quickly so they can make more money. This is known as a linear economy.

A linear economy isn’t concerned with a product’s lifecycle, it creates items to be used and then disposed of.  A circular economy, on the other hand, keeps resources and products in a loop, by creating items to be reused rather than thrown away.

Circular economy as the solution to our waste crisis

Coming back to our roots and switching to a circular economy production system, where everything – including packaging – is meant to be reused, is one of the great solutions to the trash crisis we are facing and anyone can implement it into their daily.  Even just one bottle that is meant to be reused can save hundreds of disposable bottles from our landfill and have major impacts on our ability to be earth-friendly.Circular economy is the solution to our trash crisis.

Circular economy and zero waste solutions go hand in hand.  Supporting companies that produce products mean to be reused helps tackle waste on a much bigger level.  Rather than putting the responsibility on the consumer to find ways to reuse or dispose of a product that wasn’t intended for reuse. This type of zero-waste production is exactly what A Simple Planet is trying to achieve with not only our product packaging but also with our product formulas.

Why refill your hair products?

While solid shampoo bars are great zero waste solution for some people, especially those with short, low-maintenance hair, they are not the only hair product people use!  There are not many solutions for zero-waste styling products.  If your hair type requires more than just shampoo, A Simple Planet’s complete line of refillable products is a great option to try!

If you’re ready to go zero waste with your hair routine, read more about how Simple Planet refills work and take a look at the Starter Sets to see which products will be best for your hair!  You may just find your new sustainable haircare obsession.