Clean, or non-toxic ingredients are especially important in products that we use everyday. The basic definition of a clean products is that it does not contain ingredients defined as toxic.

The beauty products industry is a scary place. There is currently no regulations for the types of ingredients that can be added to beauty products — including toxic chemicals. Until recently, beauty product manufacturers prioritized effectiveness over health and safety.

In fact, the only legal requirements for beauty products have to do with their labelling, their use, and whether they have a color additive.  The actual ingredients are not regulated.  There is no legal obligation for a beauty product manufacturer to be forthcoming about whether an ingredient is known to be harmful to humans or the earth.

Clean beauty product manufacturing only uses ingredients which have been determined to not harmful. Using simple, yet effective ingredients is the basis for all of A Simple Planet’s product formulations.

For example, preserve Clean Shampoo and Clean Conditioner without the use of chemical preservatives. That’s right! We use a technique that dates back thousands of years to keep things from spoiling, fermentation!

With a combination of probiotics (just like the ones in yogurt) our Clean Shampoo and Clean Conditioner will remain shelf stable for up to a year — with no chemicals!

We also guarantee that all of our products are free from several controversial toxic ingredients including parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, and color additives or synthetic fragrances.

It is possible to find good, effective products that can help keep you — and the earth — healthy and beautiful. That is our mission at A Simple Planet.