Leave-In Conditioner

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  • Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner for dry and damaged hair
  • Nourishing blend of organic plant-based ingredients
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Free from allergens, silicones, phthalates, parabens, artificial colors, and fragrances
  • Easy application on wet hair
  • Provides a smooth finish and adds shine

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Say Goodbye to Dry Hair with Our Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner!

Do your naturally dry locs need quenching?  or are you tired of heat-styling wreaking havoc on your hair?

Say hello to our magical leave-in conditioner! It’s here to rescue your dry and damaged locks from their misery. Consider it a superhero for your strands, moisturizing, softening, and detangling with ease. Frizz? Not on our watch!

🌿 Nourishing Blend: Our leave-in conditioner is packed with aloe, Irish moss, and jojoba oil. Nature’s finest ingredients working their magic!

💚 Cruelty-Free & Free From Nasties: We’re proud to be cruelty-free and free from allergens, silicones, phthalates, parabens, artificial colors, and fragrances. Your hair deserves the best, naturally.

💧 Easy Application: Applying our leave-in conditioner is as easy as a flick of your wrist. Just apply it to wet hair, style as usual, and let the magic unfold.

Shiny Results: Prepare to be amazed! Your hair will thank you with a stunning, shiny finish. It’s like giving your locks a ticket to a luxurious spa day but without the hefty price tag.

♻️ Refillable and Eco-Friendly: Our 17oz refill pouches are not only great for your hair but also for the planet. They come with a postage-paid return envelope, making it easy to recycle and reduce waste.

⚠️ Unscented Option: Our unscented Leave-In Conditioner has a slightly nutty and chemical-like aroma, which disappears as your hair dries. Please choose carefully, as refunds based on scent are not available.

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Aloe Vera*, Filtered Water, Irish Moss*,  Cetearyl Alcohol, Brassicyl Isoleucinate Esylate, Jojoba Oil*, Brassica Alcohol, Vitamin E*, Sclerotium Gum, Sweet Orange or Lavender Essential Oil (in scented options only)*, L-Arginine, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate

*Certified Organic Ingredient


Apply a small amount evenly to wet hair concentrating on areas that need more moisture.  Do not rinse. Apply hair gel or additional products, if desired, and style as usual.

60 reviews for Leave-In Conditioner

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Based on 60 reviews

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Image #1 from Charlotte


Noticable difference from the products that I had been using previously.

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Image #2 from Charlotte


Noticable difference from the products that I had been using previously.

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Image #1 from Charlotte
Image #2 from Charlotte
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  1. Love this! Along with the curl cream, helps with frizz, shine and hold

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  2. I love this product. Wish I got a bigger size. My curls look great.

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  3. Leaves my hair soft. Great combination with the curl cream and gel

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  4. It keeps my curls from frizzing while also providing softness and bounce.

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Q & A

What is the difference between the curl cream and the leave in conditioner? Both seem to be primarily about hydrating and used in wet hair. Meredith Niess asked on April 8, 2024

Thank you for asking Meredith.

The Leave In Conditioner is focused on deeply hydrating and nourishing dry, hair with a blend of moisturizing ingredients like aloe, Irish moss, and jojoba oil. It's meant to soften, detangle, and add shine when applied to wet hair. It can be used on curly hair but is fantastic for all types of dry hair. The Curl Cream, on the other hand, is a specialized styling product for curly/textured hair. Formulated with organic ingredients like flaxseed, shea butter, and hemp protein, it provides intense hydration, frizz control, and some curl definition. The curl cream has a stronger, more styling-focused hold compared to the Leave-In Conditioner.

I hope that helps!

So in summary, the leave-in conditioner is a nourishing, all-purpose moisturizer, while the curl cream is designed specifically to enhance and define curly hairstyles.

April answered on April 8, 2024 store manager
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What's the difference between hair oil and a leave-in conditioner? Why would you use one over the other? Jordan asked on December 21, 2023

Hi Jordan, Thank you for asking! While both products provide moisture, they work in different ways. Hair Oil forms a protective layer on the surface of the hair to lock in moisture and deliver high-gloss shine. Leave In Conditioner absorbs into the hair shaft to improve flexibility, minimize breakage, and make hair easier to detangle. Using both gives you the combined benefits of sealed-in moisture from the hair oil and improved elasticity from the leave-in conditioner for soft, smooth, shiny strands!

- Use Hair Oil if your main goals are adding shine and smoothing frizz. The oils coat the hair to lock in moisture and provide silky gloss.
- Use Leave In Conditioner if your main aims are hydration, softness, and detangling. The leave-in penetrates to make hair more flexible and knot-free.
- Use both together if your hair needs all of the above! The Hair Oil seals in moisture while the Leave In Conditioner boosts softness and elasticity.

I hope that helps!

April answered on December 24, 2023 store manager
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What are the differences between your leave-in and your standard conditioners? This product seems to have more alcohols in it than your traditional conditioner. Ana Seiler asked on September 11, 2023

Hi Ana,

Thank you for your question! Our Leave-In conditioner is designed to provide conditioning benefits to your hair without the need for rinsing. It serves as an excellent moisturizer and detangler. The alcohols in Leave-In Conditioners formula, specifically Cetearyl Alcohol and Brassica Alcohol. These are long chain fatty alcohols which are great for conditioning hair and are distinct from the short chain drying alcohols whcih can damage your hair and are often avoided.

Cetearyl Alcohol: Acts as an emollient and thickening agent, enhancing product texture and moisture retention.

Brassica Alcohol: Complements texture and moisturization in our Leave-In conditioner.

I hope that answers your question and thanks for asking!

April answered on September 12, 2023 store manager
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What is the packaging for the refill made of? Emma asked on August 16, 2021

Hi Emma,

Thank you for asking! The Refill pouches are made out of a PA/PE blend and are #5 recyclable in most curbside recycling programs. That being said we'd prefer you send them back to us in the provided postage-paid envelope so we can wash, sanitize, and reuse them!

Have a great day,

April answered on August 16, 2021 store manager
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How do I leave a review for this product? I wanted to rate my experience with it after a week of use, especially since it appears to be a newer product and other customers might want to make sure others like it. I really loved how light weight it was for my fine hair. Alexandria Firenzi asked on January 20, 2021

Hi Alexandria, Thank you so much for asking! you are right it is new, it launched at the end of December with the first orders being shipped in early January! Requests for reviews are automatically sent out via email 14 days after your order is marked complete. But I will see if I can get the email sent out to you now! :-) -April

April answered on January 20, 2021 store manager
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