Ordering Refills

Did you know we take back the Pouches and Refill them?

Our refill pouches come with a postage paid envelope to send them back. We clean, sanitize, and refill the pouch to be used again! Not only have you eliminated a single use bottle with your refill pouch purchase, but you are contributing to a program that is hoping to eliminate double, triple, even quadruple use bottles! Each pouch indicates how many single use bottles it has helped to eliminate – it sure adds up! And don’t forget to stuff any extra paper filler and the instruction sheet into the envelope to be reused as well.

Refillable Hair Care, How to:

Order a 17oz refill pouch from any product listing.

The refill pouch will come with a return envelope and shipping label.*

Pour the contents into your own container.

Place the empty pouch into the envelope and return!

The returned pouch is sanitized, refilled, and sent on to another customer.

*Return labels are only available to customers within the United States.