Your packing materials may look a little different because this is not their first use! And we hope this is not their last! We are always striving for more ways to be eco-friendly.  One of those is making sure we only use filler that is on its second + use.  You can help this packing filler continue on its journey by reusing it in so many different ways.


  • Use it as a window cleaner (lint-free!).
  • Lay it as a protective surface for those messy art projects.
  • Take it outside to the compost bin.
  • Tear it up to use as a natural weed block.
  • Pack and protect your own items.
  • You can always recycle it.


  • Gift it in your local Buy Nothing group
  • Delicate potted plants can benefit from protection from cold air by lining the inside of their pots with bubble wrap or over their heads on chilly nights.
  • Drop off at local coop to be used to protect cold food prepped for delivery.
  • Check Craigslist for neighbors who are moving and looking for packaging material.
  • Use it to pack your own items.
  • Bubble wrap your windows to save on heat
  • Stuff handbags and shoes that are going to be stored with it so they keep their shape.
  • Drop off at any UPS Store or Fedex Store for reuse.

Our reused (and reusable) filler is just one way A Simple Planet is committed to keeping single-use items from being produced and out of our landfills.