A Simple Planet strives hard every day to make decisions that put our earth first.

Being “earth friendly” is about making decisions and developing business practices that are kind to the planet.  This is also known as being a global steward.  A global steward understands the cyclical nature of the Earth and makes decisions and takes action to help sustain those cycles now and for future generations.

A few of the earth friendly things you can expect from A Simple Planet include:


We compost everything from spent flaxseed to paper towels — if it is plant-based it gets to be a plant again!

Sourcing from small, earth-friendly businesses

We choose to help this planet by supporting other small businesses such as organic farmers and supplier who are also earth friendly.

Using organic or wildcrafted ingredients

If an ingredient is available organically you will find it in our products, a second runner up is wildcrafted ingredients.

We are proud to be a business that is a global steward recognizing that all life, including future generations, are important.