Zero Waste Policy

Our commitment to the environment begins with what many think of as the end.  As a company, we commit to reducing the waste we generate as well as the waste our customers generate. Using waste reduction as a guiding principle we are dedicated to taking the following actions to achieve our zero-waste policy:


  • We will only use unbranded branded boxes, our shipping material can easily be reused for more than shipping.  This eliminates the need for inks as well as inserts.
  • We use shipping filler material that has been used before.  This will allow our community a resource for reusing shipping materials.
  • We are carbon neutral.  We are partners with We Are Neutral to offset the carbon necessary to run as a business as well as the carbon used to get our products to our customers.
  • We will continue to use 100% recycled paper to fill our orders, we will never choose to create e-waste when recycled/recyclable paper can do the same job in our fulfillment process.


  • We use entirely plant-based biodegradable ingredients that can safely be returned to our planet
  • We will only use ingredients that are ranked two or lower by the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep Cosmetics Database
  • We will limit the ingredients in our formulas which limits two things: The number of potential allergens and the carbon footprint of the product.
  • We will work with local farmers and gardening centers to reuse all of our spent products, such as flaxseed, and when not available we will compost these ingredients.
  • We will always choose organic ingredients in our formulas.


  • We will continuously innovate to reduce the amount of plastic used with our products.  Our goal is to reach a point where the functional parts (pumps, etc) as well as the refill pouches are biobased.  We are constantly researching and eagerly waiting for thee state of the art of biobased products to reach the point where they can hold liquids for 12 months.  When biobased products can hold liquids we will switch from plastics entirely.


  • We will encourage all employees to take green transportation to and from work.
  • We will use energy-saving features in our warehouse and office including lights that turn off automatically, natural heating and cooling, as well as water-reducing features throughout.
  • We will compost all kitchen scraps.
  • We will only print double-sided on 100% recycled paper and if possible two pages per sheet.